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CAAUL has merged with CAUP in 2015 to form the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

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CAAUL welcomes short and long term visitors from around the World. We offer excellent infrastructures, the opportunity to present and discuss results to/with all CAAUL researchers, and to actively participate in discussion groups/journal clubs.

Interested in visiting CAAUL - Lisbon? E-mail dsobral (

Upcoming visitors:

- David Wittman (UC Davies) - 6-17 July 2014.
- Vera Margoniner (Cal State Sacramento) - 6-17 July 2014.
- William Dawson (UC Davies & Lawrence Livermore National Lab) - 14-18 July 2014.
Andra Stroe (Leiden Observatory) - 14-19 July 2014.

Previous visitors:

Saul Kohn (ROE, Edinburgh): visited CAAUL/OAL from 30/01/2014 to 02/02/2014
Polychronis Papaderos (CAUP), visited CAAUL/OAL on Feb 17th 2014
Jorryt Matthee (Leiden Observatory), visited CAAUL/OAL from 19/02/2014 to 23/02 2014
Yusei Koyama (NAOJ, Tokyo): visited CAAUL/OAL from 23/02/2014 to 01/03/2014
Jesse van de Sande (Leiden Observatory): visited from 19/03/2014 to 24/03/2014
Huub Rottgering (Scientific Director, Leiden Observatory): visited from 31/03/2014 to 02/04/2014
Andra Stroe (Leiden Observatory) - visited 1-13 Apr 2014.

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