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CAAUL has merged with CAUP in 2015 to form the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

Origin and Evolution of Stars and Planets

  • Star Formation and Interstellar Medium:
  • Radio, Infrared and Optical astronomy techniques for the study of molecular clouds struture and stellar content.
  • Physical conditions in pre-stellar and star-forming cores.
  • Very young stellar objects and their effect on interstellar medium.
  • Young and distant star-clusters in the Galaxy outskirts.
  • Planetary Atmospheres:
The planetary group's research interests are focused on planetary atmospheres in the Solar System and on exoplanets.
    • Dynamics of the atmosphere of Venus
      • Cloud tracking
      • High-resolution Doppler velocimetry

Recent research addressed different aspects of the dynamics of the atmosphere of Venus, in particular wind measurements with the cloud-tracking technique, based on imaging data from the Venus Express VIRTIS instrument, and with the Doppler velocimetry technique, based on solar reflected spectra data.

  • Studies of wave dynamics: properties and observational characterization
  • General circulation modelling

We also characterize particular types of atmospheric motions such as the southern polar vortex, gravity waves and solar tides in the Venus atmosphere, and use a General Circulation Model to study the global atmospheric circulation in order to characterize its composition and peculiar dynamics.

  • Towars other Earths: atmospheres of exoplanets
With CAAUL's instrumentation team and with partners in Portugal, the planetary group is also involved in several mission payload proposals submitted to ESA's Cosmic Vision programme, in particular EChO and Plato.

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