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Carla Sofia Carvalho

Group: Galaxies and Cosmology
Type: Researchers

My scientific activity has been concentrated on two main lines of research.

The first line of research is the development of statistical tools for the extraction of information from maps of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, in particular:
a) for the removal of contaminants which contribute a non-Gaussian signal to that of the primordial cosmological perturbations, and
b) for the reconstruction of the weak lensing potential due to the large-scale structure.

The second line of research is the study of theoretical cosmological models with emphasis on:
a) the Lorentz symmetry breaking in the context of an extension of the standard model of particle physics, and
b) the dynamics of a (3+1)-dimensional surface embedded in a (4+1)- dimensional spacetime in the context of an extension to extra dimensions of the standard model of cosmology.

I have also worked, though to a less extent,
a) on modelling biological systems using dynamical systems and Bayes inference, and
b) on developing new tools for a fast and robust search of similarities among proteins.

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