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José Pedro Mimoso

Group: Galaxies and Cosmology
Type: Researchers
Webpage: www

During the last two decades Cosmology has witnessed an observational revolution, and has now a large quantity of data of high quality that allow a thorough scrutiny of the theoretical models that have been proposed.

My interests are directed at the following questions:
1. The search for an explanation for the nature of dark energy and dark matter as well, and for the cosmological balance between such dominant components, which governs the dynamics of the universe in such a way as to produce a late, second stage of accelerated expansion;
2. Understanding the realization of the inflationary stage that took place during the very early universe, and in particular the way the universe reheats from such an extreme stage;
3. Analysing the relation between the dynamics and interplay of the various components of the universe and the large-scale structure that one observes;
4. Obtaining a global understanding of the variety of couplings that are physically admissible in cosmological models;
5. Studying Modified theories of gravity,
6. Brane worlds
7. Understanding the Causal Structure of Spacetime and Energy Conditions;
8. Investigating the interplay between inhomogeneities in the universe, the dynamics of the universe and observations.

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