This webpage is only available as an historical record.
CAAUL has merged with CAUP in 2015 to form the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

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CAAUL is a leading institution in promoting science and outreach in Portugal, with a very strong presence in society, reaching over 350 000 people through its outreach network. Science outreach activities range from frequent public sessions in schools and public libraries, exhibitions, planetary sessions, an international newsletter and the production of vodcasts, to the monthly organisation of public sessions at the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory, and occasional star parties that can reach more than 2000 people per event. The outreach department currently counts on the support of 50 volunteers, mostly physics students at the University of Lisbon.

Monthly Public Lectures
For years, we have been giving the public the opportunity to attend exciting public talks given by researchers and other invited speakers. The talks happen on the last Saturday of every month and each explores a different topic in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Talks in Schools
Members of CAAUL visit schools regularly, by responding to direct invitations. We do our best to give motivating Astronomy talks that help raise the importance of Science and Astronomy and that motivate youngsters toward s a career in such areas. These activities are conducted in close collaboration with the Department of Physics at the Faculty of Sciences (Departamento de Física da FCUL).

E-News: astronovas
We created and run an on-line news distribution service called "astronovas". This allows the general portuguese public to catch up with Astronomy/Astrophysics news.

There are several classes/courses in Astronomy that both teachers and the general public can take, provided by CAAUL members. 

Boletim O Observatório (Newsletter)
Between May 1995 and December 2006 we published the O Observatório, a monthly newsletter that was distributed to over 800 schools, free of charge. This project was stopped due to the lack of funding, but will be resumed as soon as there is enough funding for it.

Activities within Programa Ciência Viva
We work closely with Ciencia Viva in order to organise many Summer activities for the general public.
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